Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm An Idiot...

So now that I've decided to do the 100K this coming Oil Creek 100 (October 2011), I've decided that I needed to get into a real lifting schedule and get as strong as I can.  I'm sensing that it is going to be something that is easier said than done.

My goal is to lift three times a week.  I was gung-ho, ready to go yesterday and felt like I was having a great workout.  I was on my last set using some free weights and my left arm went completely limp.  I managed to punch myself right in the groin area with a 20 pound weight.  Needless to say, I felt really dumb and hurt myself all at the same time.  I vowed today would be a better day.

At the gym today, I was trying to put a 45 pound weight on the end of a bar and managed to pinch the side of my finger between the bar and the weight.  Now my finger is a lovely shade of purple and is swelled up just a touch.  *SIGH*  I guess no one said it would be easy.  At least there were fewer people in my audience today.

Guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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